Mother & daughter Amarin & Cailen are the co-creators of Yoga Within The Heart Studio & Boutique (YWTH) in Bragg Creek, Alberta.  They share their different backgrounds of health practices and dance in guiding yoga practice there. Together they weave an ever-expanding blanket of love, self-knowledge, safety, therapeutic movement and playfulness for all the community at The Heart.  The Heart has rebuilt the Studio and itself after the devastating Elbow River flood of 2013, developing an even tighter weave of compassion, yogic practice and health. 



“I’m in awe of the moment to moment miracle of life….I believe everyone is a teacher, a guide, providing me a gift if I am aware enough to receive it. Thich Nhat Hahn articulated my guiding principle of “Continuance”:

“When we look at an orange tree we see that season after season it spends its life producing beautiful green leaves, fragrant blossoms, and sweet oranges.  These are the best things an orange tree can create and offer to the world.  Human beings also make offerings to the world every moment of our daily lives, in the form of our thoughts, our speech and our actions.  We may want to offer the world the best kinds of thought, speech, and action that we can—because they are our continuation, whether we want it to be so or not.  We can use our time wisely, generate the energies of love, compassion, and understanding, say beautiful things, inspire, forgive, and act to protect and help the Earth and each other.  In this way, we can ensure a beautiful continuation.” 

My life practice is to strive to make my sharings as Yoga guide, Mother, Lover and friend be my beautiful continuance.”

Amarin has studied Yoga and related life practices in Canada and around the world. She is currently interested in sharing recent advances in brain science regarding the benefits of yoga, meditation and compassion. She has taught yoga and meditation for over 18 years and with her daughter Cailen, co-created Yoga Within The Heart Studio & Boutique.  She lives with her lover, friend, and greatest teacher in the immense beauty of the Rocky Mountain foothills at Bragg Creek, Alberta Canada, where they raised a blended family of 6 children.

Guided by love, my actions are fearless and free  





My yoga is movement between consciousness and awareness. I enjoy creating asana and meditative sequences that bring all the pieces of ourselves into One…living as ONE heart…ONE being. Through breath, movement and attention we have the capacity to create space in a pose, not only within our body but within our minds, allowing us to open-heartedly live in a state of spacious awareness on and off our mats.

 By coming together in community and creating this expansion inside of ourselves we become more aware of kindness taking shape in ourselves and in each other, inspiring ripples of elevated consciousness across the planet.

Yoga is way to serve, a way to give, a way to receive, and a way to live well... No matter the circumstances we all have a place to come home to in ourselves and each other. 

My yogic path began as a teenager living in Bragg Creek with my mom teaching yoga in our home. Inspired by movement from a young age I took up dance and pursed a career dancing professionally into my early twenties. While dancing and living in Vancouver I established a steady yoga practice as part of my flexibility and strength training and soon realized the gifts of yoga were so much more than I could ever imagine, which then lead me to my first yoga training. I completed my first 200 hour training at  Kripalu Institute in Lennox, Massachusetts which is world renown for "transformational yoga" teaching body- awareness and self-awareness as essential elements of yoga movement, pranayama and meditation. From there I have had the pleasure of studying with many wonderful teachers including Sarah Powers, Sean Corne, Nishala Devi Joy, Judith Laster and Bo Forbes. ... Oh and of course the biggest inspiration of all my momma! When I am not living at the studio you can find me off playing in the mountains, laughing over a glass of vino with friends or making a delicious mess of my parents kitchen. At Yoga Within The Heart I seek to share a practice that unifies our bodies, minds, hearts and community!



My enthusiasm for sharing yoga comes from a place of deep gratitude for the gifts yoga has brought into my life.

Yoga is a powerful technology for balancing the physical, mental and emotional bodies. Any level of practice will bring benefits… and It is my honour and joy to guide you on your own yoga journey.

I am a lifelong learner and find inspiration for yoga wherever I am. I am blessed to be continually inspired by my yoga mentors, Don & Amba Stapleton of the Nosara Yoga Institute and Amarin Dawn of Yoga Within the Heart.

I treasure time spent in nature. Sharing the beauty of Gaia with family and community stokes my inner fire. I take the time to thank our Earth Mother and sing a little song of gratitude to Her!

Yoga has elevated many aspects of my life’s journey, and I am so happy to share it.

May all beings be happy and free, and may I be a channel for peace and ease for All Life.

Namaste, Emma



Jessie's journey started as a young child, taking walks though the Northern forests with her Cree Metis grandfather.  It was her first classroom, and on these silent adventures she learnt of inter-connection, deep reverence of our earth, of the nourishment of silence, and the seeds that were planted during these times would set her toward her life's path.  However, through the transitional years, she began to fiercely looking for understanding, meaning, love, purpose, and cultivating "outside" perspectives to make sense of this world, opposed to her indigenous heritage. However, through reflection and study with community, Jessie has realized that for all the searching it has been her Métis heartbeat that has been calling her home. 



 Susan is a certified Hatha , Kundalini and Restorative Yoga Teacher  and a Registered Massage Therapist. Susan has operated the Hilltop Wellness Center for 27 years in Bragg Creek which offers various forms of Bodywork, Body focused counselling ,yoga classes, sessions for animals and Healing ceremonies for individuals, groups and  Mother Earth.(website : 

Susan had the privilege of receiving her Hatha teacher training at Nosara Institute in Costa Rica along with the restorative and yoga dance trainings. Kundalini teacher training was in Canmore , Alberta ,  along  with Beyond Addictions, Mind and Meditation and Stress and Vitality courses. 

"Having a daily practise allows one the opportunity to stop time and create the balance of mindfulness to embody one's destiny."

Yoga Within The Heart is a Gem in our community......Namaste!



I stumbled into yoga as an injured athlete. I was searching for something to help me heal, but also continue to push me forward. It took no time for me to realize that why I thought I had come versus why I was there were two very different things. Yoga permeated every inch of my physical, emotional and spiritual body. Not only that, but it opened doors to healing and existing on levels that only continue to propel me on a path of continual self discovery and authentic living from the sweetest place in my heart. My love of my family, my magical children, my funny farm of animals, my forest home and my travels has brought me to guiding from a very grounded and compassionate place. As a Momma Bear, wife, sister, daughter, friend, Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant, yoga guide and fellow human just doing my best to live my life to the best and healthiest of my capabilities.. I look forward to sharing space with you.



Yoga brings continuous, never-ending joy and happiness to my heart and soul, both teaching and practicing. My mat is a personal space of sanctuary and refuge. A safe and accepting environment where I find peace and solve those inner conflicts of pain, doubt, and fear. My mat is a vessel to all of my wildest dreams, joys, imagination and happiness. I love helping students explore their practice with child-like curiosity, as a way to get out of their minds and into their bodies. I encourage all of my students to be fearless and authentic with their practice-to hover on the edge of what they perceive to be their limit and to slowly break down the walls of fear and doubt that hold them back- on and off their mats. 

A little bit about myself…my fiancé, Eric and I moved to West Bragg Creek in April of 2014. Eric encouraged me to get into mountain biking a few years ago and we both knew there is no better place to enjoy the mountains and fresh air from the forest than Bragg Creek-who doesn't absolutely love the smell of pine/birch trees on warmer days or the sight of a great grey owl on a barren birch tree in front of your bedroom window?  Living in Bragg Creek has brought so much joy to both our lives. I have gained a greater understanding of pure stillness and self acceptance.

A little bit about my background/training…last year I completed 5 years of comprehensive and very intensive acting training (including dance, movement and improvisation) from the University of Alberta. I currently hold my level 1 and level 2 (200hrs) of yoga teacher training with world renown Baron Baptiste. I also teach indoor cycling and am exploring yoga for bikers/runners and athletes. I love choreographing my vinyasa classes to carefully selected music and now and again I thoroughly enjoy incorporating beats from Africa as I was born and raised in South Africa. I immigrated to Canada 7 years ago with my dad, brother and sister. I also love the sun, surfing, and travelling to hot beautiful countries and islands. My first language is Afrikaans-maybe I will share an afrikaans poem in class with you! I hope to meet you very soon. 

“vrede begin met n glimlag” 
[peace begins with a smile] Mother Teresa